Tim Keegan - Going Down To Brazil

Tim Keegan est un songwriter singulier que nous appréciions déjà quand il jouait dans Departure Lounge (quatre albums, tous recommandables).

A la fin des années 2000 il s’est lancé dans une carrière solo et a publié son très beau « Foreign Domestic » (2007/Label Of Love).

Il a terminé son second album solo qu’on espère voir sortir avant la fin de l’année (on aimerait bien le voir en live aussi).

En attendant, on patientera avec ce Going Down To Brazil que ce supporter des Spurs a spécialement enregistré pour la compilation WOOTBALL 2014.


Plus d'infos sur l'internet : https://www.facebook.com/timkeeganmusic

Could you tell us some words about your song?

It’s a mixture of the following: a list of the names of the 32 countries whose teams qualified for the finals in Brazil, the names of some of these countries’ finest players in 2014, some classic football commentator clichés and a couple of personal observations.

Is football something important for you?

Yes and no. It was when I was younger – Tottenham Hotspur has been my team since i was about 9. My aunt took me to see them play a few times in the 70s and 80s and my heroes were Glenn Hoddle and later Ossie Ardiles. I have always enjoyed playing but could never live up to my surname as a player. In the last 3 years my love of the game has been re-kindled via my 8 year old son, who is completely obsessed. We play a lot in the park, we watch it together on TV, and 2 weeks ago I found myself in tears after he scored on his debut for the local team. He told me that even Lionel Messi didn’t do that, and it made him feel ‘golden’. That was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.

Which club do you support (if you support one)?

The mighty Spurs (see above)

Which team will win the worldcup ?

It could be anyone except England. The sooner we go out, the less we have to suffer. I was playing a gig in London the night England lost to Germany in 1990 in the semi-final (I think it was), and our set was delayed because the game went to extra time and of course we lost and everyone in the audience was completely depressed and it was one of the worst gigs ever.

To avoid a second Knysna (the “glorious” episode when french players began a strike and stayed in a bus near Knysna, where the team was installed), which means of transport would you suggest to the french team?

This was completely brilliant and ridiculous and beautiful. I hope they do it again. Give them a bus with comfortable beds and let them play their matches on the Playstation. I miss Cantona and Zidane. Vive les Bleus!

Going Down to Brazil - Tim Keegan
Words and music by Tim Keegan. Published by foreigndomestic songs (admin. by Bug Music)
Produced by Tim Keegan.
TK - vocals, guitar, melodica, percussion
Bernd Rest - guitar
Dylan Willey - guitar

#11 Wecord (2014)